Francis Arevalo is a Filipino-Canadian emcee and producer based in Vancouver, BC. Having grown up listening to thoughtful lyricists, and developing in the local poetry slam scene, he is a wordsmith who weaves together personal storytelling, thoughtful messages, and clever lyricism. Francis’ primary aims as a hip-hop artist are to energize, gather, learn, share and empower. As a producer, his creations are colourful, lush, and hard-hitting, shaped into the right backdrops for his lyricism to shine. He is equally at home performing solo or with his band, from living rooms and coffee shops, to theatres and festival stages; he crafts passionate performances for any venue he is given, shaping his offerings to meet the audience where they’re at.DOMINIONATED describes his music is if he has "found and embraced a truth deep within himself, that he sees the world not through rose-coloured glasses, but in shades of optimism, hope, and beauty". He is also a passionate mental health advocate whose journey living bipolar disorder through music was the subject of a 2017 Vancouver Asian Film Fest award-winning documentary "The Lion".His most recent project is The Sound of Healing album, released April 27 2024.


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